The trials and tribulations of a scatter-brained kitchen junkie.

About Me

I am a twenty something with an overactive sweet tooth and delusions of grandeur. I love reading, writing, and dancing poorly without music. I am slap-happy and slightly too awkward to put into words. I enjoy strong coffee and hard science fiction, and am overjoyed whenever I find occasion to mingle the two. I have a passion for the kitchen, but it tends to be a love-hate relationship. Most of the time I make it up as I go along. 

I'm have a 9-5 workaday joyless sort of job, and am a part time student studying in technical communications and marketing. Neither of these have anything to do with baked goods, which saddens me beyond words; because of that I am also in the process of receiving my food sanitation license to at least push myself in the right direction. My hopes and dreams are all hunkered down in the idea of one day running some sort of bakery cafĂ©. That won't come to fruition for many many years and in the meantime I spend my idle hours day dreaming about making cookies for a living. 

So my career plans laid out in order of desire:
  1. Opening a bakery - which has one of the highest failure rates for any startups.
  2. Becoming a writer - yup, also an easy field to break into I hear.
  3. Actress - because I needed to round out this list of completely absurd careers to attempt. I did some acting in high school, how hard could it be. ;)

I'm sure there will be more in time, but for now I will end with a picture of how my sanity has went to the dogs. 

This may be the only picture in existence where she isn't just a streak across the camera lens. 


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